The Food

    The recipes provided in the blood sugar diet online program are all based on the Mediterranean Style Diet. The recipes are all calorie counted and we provide a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes. The meal plans and shopping lists provided have been based on an 800 calorie day (i.e. The BSD Fast 800) as this the most effective option for losing fat and improving blood sugar levels. Many members have commented on how much they enjoy the food and how easy the recipes are to create.

    “Just wanted to say thank you Menu Team for such an interesting, delicious and satisfying first week’s menu. Yum!!

    I haven’t eaten so well for years. Like others here I expect, my “good food radar” had been broken after too many years losing (and gaining!) the same 10kg with a variety of diets. So nice to be able to enjoy fats again. 

    My big takeaway from this week has been with a menu plan (and the fridge/ pantry stocked accordingly) the weeks eating is a breeze. With a bit of time spent on the shopping list, there is a lot of time saved during the week. Also less chance of going off the rails. This is going to be a big tool for me post the 8 weeks.”

    Helen Campbell, WA, BSD