Success Stories

* Results may vary from person to person.

This Program offers the best support I’ve ever come across. And when it comes to stress eating I can definitely relate. While on this program I’m becoming so much more aware of what my triggers are and am gradually developing strategies to avoid having to rely solely on willpower when I’m stressed or tired.

I’m only loosing slowly but it is coming off steadily.

Claire, BSD *

Just wanted to say thank you Menu Team for such an interesting, delicious and satisfying first weeks menu. Yum!!

I haven’t eaten so well for years. Like others here I expect, my “good food radar” had been broken after too many years losing (and gaining!) the same 10kg with a variety of diets. So nice to be able to enjoy fats again. Special mention goes to “Bacon and Butterbean Salad”, I am sure 3 strips of bacon per serve must have been a misprint!

My big takeaway from this week has been with a menu plan (and the fridge/ pantry stocked accordingly) the weeks eating is a breeze. With a bit of time spent on the shopping list, there is a lot of time saved during the week. Also less chance of going off the rails. This is going to be a big tool for me post the 8 weeks.

Helen Campbell, WA, BSD *

This program has provided a foundation for life. For me it has brought together all the bits of knowledge I ‘sort of’ knew and added in new information in a way that makes so much sense to me. If I go off track it’s easy to get back on, because it’s such nice food, it’s simple and it makes sense.

Chocolate isn’t as tempting any more…it just doesn’t taste as nice so I can stop after a small amount. I simply don’t want it, rather than needing to use all my willpower to stop.

Having forum support was really useful too. If the forum could be further developed to be more user-friendly then I think there would be even more opportunity for members to support each other.

Thankyou BSD team and community.

Louisa, AUS, BSD *

I have been following the plan I would say 90% of the time and I just wanted to say a big thank you to the BSD team and community. This HAS changed things for me. I am almost 10kg lighter and my bloods are SOOOOOOO much better than they were, practically normal!

I am not going to become complacent though as I know that I have various triggers and challenges that make me want to eat stuff that isn’t so good for me. However, after doing this diet I do feel confident in my abilities to maintain healthy eating as my taste buds seem to have changed and I have control over my portion sizes.

Glenys, UK, BSD *