This 12-week online program has been created by medical professionals passionate in this field of health. The online program is based on principles that have scientifically proven to improve health and blood sugar levels. It is a “how to guide” that offers members extra support and guidance. The online program aims to reduce the stress and effort of completing a diet by providing simple easy to follow recipes, meal plans and shopping lists.

    Our 12-week program highlights

    • A doctor-monitored private forum with your cohort community.
    • Recommended clinical assessments to help monitor your progress.
    • Weekly motivational emails and inspirational videos to keep you moving forward.
    • 8 weeks of BSD-approved meal plans and shopping lists.
    • An Orientation Week; Graduation Week and two Implementation Weeks.
    • Over 100 exclusive recipes specially created for BSD online members.
    • A tailored journal to help you process your experiences and monitor your progress.
    • Weekly informative handouts on nutrition and exercise.
    • Information for your doctor.
    • Post-program reference guide.

    Your community with doctor support

    All participants are invited to join a private forum. These forums are monitored by a team of health professionals, including doctors, who are experienced in answering your questions and helping members achieve their goals. The forum is also a safe and secure environment where you can share your stories, challenges and successes with other people going through the program at the same time.

    Weekly contact from the team

    Each week you will receive advice and tips from our experts guiding you through the diet.  This will include practical advice on preparation for the diet, shopping, meal plans, recipes and how to achieve success in 12 weeks.  Also included will be hints and tips on how to overcome the challenges. This information will be sent out in email format with both written and video clips included.

    Information for your doctor

    Our team have supported many patients safely through the diet and have seen great results. That is why we are keen to help many more.  Not all doctors are aware of the research on which this program is based or experienced in implementing it. Our doctors are very happy to communicate directly with your usual GP via email to discuss any questions they may have. Additionally, your usual doctor is welcome to access the “Health Professionals” tab in order to learn more about the research as well as practical advice on how to support patients through the diet.  This link allows your GP to contact us.

    Arranging medical tests

    We suggest that you see your own doctor when considering the diet and they should be able to help you arrange appropriate testing. You can print out a letter and summary for professionals on the professionals page .  We can recommend a variety of tests, ranging from simple blood tests to more sophisticated tests such as DEXA scanning and ultrasound. We can also provide you with an interpretation of the results in the context of your overall health.  For further information please see our Getting Tested page.

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