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    Since we saw you with Michael Mosley in February

    … a lot has happened!

    Dr Mosley’s book, The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet, was launched throughout Australia to become a best seller. It has now also been nominated as the best popular science book for 2016 by the British Medical Association.

    In addition to the world-wide support for this work, we have also been inspired by the wonderful results that patients who implement the program have been achieving. You may have seen our Dr Garratt on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program in their story The Saving Australia Diet where he discussed The Blood Sugar Diet and supported our diabetic candidate, Jack Merolla, who was followed by Channel 7 throughout his program. Jack dropped more than 16kg, reduced his waist by more than 6cm and got his blood sugar average down from 8.8 to 5.6. The final segment of this story will go to air on 24 July 2016.

    Dr Clare Bailey (Michael’s wife, whom you may have met at our event in February) is a GP in the UK and has been delighted by the results her patients are achieving on the program. She shares her stories in this video here.

    Professor Roy Taylor, whose research on reversing Type 2 Diabetes inspired Michael Mosley to write his 8-week Blood Sugar Diet, is attached for your reference. We have found the results consistent with our experience and we have been particularly impressed by how we were able to reduce medications, including insulin and Sulphonylurea, so quickly. Our colleagues have seen similar results and our patients have not only been able to reverse their blood sugars but also maintain their weight loss and improve glycaemic control. Professor Taylor also offers these guidelines on the use of medications throughout the program.

    Buoyed by these results we have developed a comprehensive 12-week online program to support participants in the implementation of The Blood Sugar Diet. We have developed menus, recipes, shopping lists, educational and motivational videos and handouts as well as a doctor-monitored private forum to facilitate questions and sharing the stories and experiences of cohort members. We are encouraging participants to liaise with their usual treating doctor to discuss their involvement with this program as well as the assessments that we recommend, including DEXA scanning which we can help people to access. The online program is now on sale at an EarlyBird rate and the diet itself begins on 25 July 2016.

    If you’d like to find out more about this program or the results we have been seeing, please don’t hesitate to make contact here.

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