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12-week online program

The Blood Sugar Diet Online is a 12 week, evidence-based, program designed to help you:

  • Lose weight*
  • Improve your blood sugars
  • Reduce medication 
  • Take back control of your health

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Developed and supported by health professionals, including doctors, the online program is based on Dr. Michael Mosley’s bestselling book, “The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet”. The book in turn is based on extensive research carried out by a leading diabetes expert, Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University, on reversing Type 2 Diabetes through diet. 

Professor Taylor’s studies have shown that most people can achieve both rapid weight loss (an average of 14kgs in the first 8 weeks, as found in this journal article) and restore their blood sugar levels to normal without medication. He does however, strongly recommend a weight loss programme should be done with medical support, particularly if you are on medication. The 12-week online program offers you that extra support and guidance from medical professionals to help you successfully turn your health around.

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